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Nicole Martinez Nicole Martinez
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He Needed a Hug

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She had a friend.

It was a simple hug, between two friends.

       She hugged him like every other person that she hugged. She put her arms around his shoulders and grabbed her elbows. She had many hugs from him before and it was just like any other hug she had received. She felt like the hug was lasting forever, but he needed it. She would hug him until he let go.
       He needed a hug, but it was normal. He was having a rough time and she was there. He put his arms around her waist and gave her a slight squeeze. He hadn't hugged her in a long time. He just stood there, needing a comforting touch. He didn't want to let go, but he did.

It was just a simple hug, between two strangers with memories.

       She hugged him like she did when they had missed each other. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and gripped her elbows, making sure she wouldn't lose her grip. She rested her head on his neck. She closed her eyes, the tiniest bit of tension in them. She remembered a hug they had like this before. She knew what it meant, what this hug's underlying meaning was. She could feel the time passing but no amount of time would be enough for her. She would release her grip when she felt his arms loosen, but she wouold never let go.
       He wanted to hold her close again, but that was normal. He started to think of her again, to miss her again. Her wanted her and she was there, but not how he wanted. He wrapped his arms around her ribs, keeping his hands rested gently against her sides. He rubbed his thumb just barely on her dress, wishing he could do it more. He wished her to be his again, to be the reason she was happy. He never wanted to be without her in his arms, but her slowly released her, wishing he didn't have to ever let her go.

It was hug, between two people who still loved each other.

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