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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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Tongues of Torment

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soul mates

The tongue is as sharp as a blade.
It sinks far deeper than the skin,
Into the brain, into the heart.
The dagger penetrates deep,
Its tip poisoned with words.
Paralysis spreads through
The weakened, depressed body
And no words escape the throat.

The eyes are a crafty tool,
Afraid to see what is written down
But unable to stop reading
Page after page of recipes
That bullies created long ago.
They see the arrow from afar
And yet cannot deflect its blow.
The poison has weakened the body.

The mind is terribly affected.
The poison drives it to rashness.
The symptoms of the poison
Include impulsiveness and paranoia.
It avoids conflict when possible.
Like some berries that are safe to eat,
Some words show no effect, yet still
We avoid them, just in case.

The heart constantly aches,
Pierced with a cruel wound.
The heart feels nothing but fear,
Nothing but anger, rage and sadness.
All through the sharp tip of a tongue
Coated with insults and belittlement.
No blade is sharper, no poison more fatal.
Just be careful when brewing your potions.

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