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Ahmed Obaidi Ahmed Obaidi
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The Tyrant

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She had a friend.

-“Stop- You won’t be able to escape. “

Yelled the informant who was trying to catch me.

I knew what he was saying was true. Where can I hide from all these informants? I didn’t want to think what will happen to me during the investigation. There were three guys who entered from the kitchen door; I tried to run to the roof of the house. I went up the stairs. How stupid could this be? I put myself in this situation. What did those nonsense where I criticized by it Sirtam benefit me. It seems like someone had told on me, it’s not hard to get rid of a former communist like myself. I should jump to the next door building’s roof. I can hear the voice of the informants behind me, I need to proceed fast. Suddenly, when I tried to jump I heard gunshots. I lost my balance. I don’t know what happened to me after that. It seems like I am falling to the ground.


I got up from a coma to find myself sitting on a chair, both my hands are tied. All my body parts hurt. I must have spent at least a week in the hospital. I tried to scan through where I was sitting. It looks like an investigation room, where everything is dark and there is no air. I couldn’t even tell where the door was at. There are no windows in this room. How could they possible put me in here? Damn, they are experts in torturing people to make them confess.
Everything in this room was terrifying.
Suddenly, I realized there are two men sitting in front of me, As if they had come out of nowhere. I couldn’t really tell what they look like; maybe because the fear was dominant, one of them aggressively approached me.

-We know everything about you. Denial will not be in your favor.

-What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything.

-don’t make me use violence against you. I have the power to do anything.

His tone of voice meant what he was saying. I gathered my strength in a desperate attempt.

-I have rights. You can’t do anything to me. There is law in this country.
-Both men start laughing hysterically.
-what rights are you talking about. Replied the other guy, the only rights exists here are our rights.

- I am an innocent man. Never did anything against the law in my life. I never stole, never took or gave bribe, and never killed anybody.

- We know you haven’t done any of these crimes. Perhaps we would have forgave you if your crime was as simple as one in which you have mentioned. You know very well what you have committed, you have done what was a lot worst; you have dared to insult his majesty.

Everything is clear now. My crime is insulting his majesty. The penalty for such crime in this country is death. In this moment I realized that execution is my inevitable destiny. Even if I convince these two investigators that I am innocent they will not dare to set me free. Everyone is afraid in this country. I sometimes wonder if Sirtam himself is afraid of the system he has created. Moreover, it was true that I have insulted him, so there is no point of denial. I decided to take the role of a brave person for the last time in my life. There is nothing to lose now.

- Yes I insulted him and criticized his actions; he’s the reason behind what we have suffered.

-What an arrogant villain. You don’t know the amount of suffering that awaits you. How dare you say these words after all the achievements his majesty have done to you and your people.

- What achievements are you talking about?

I tried to draw false smile on my face.

-If it wasn’t for his majesty, you would’ve been nothing now.

-I wish I was really nothing instead of commemorated all this suffering. Do you realize the amount of the injustice we are exposed to? Do you know how many people sleep starving every day? Do you know the number of children who die because they weren’t offered treatment?

- His majesty is not responsible for all this. You, people, are did this to yourself. Many of you are corrupted and without conscience.

-Why doesn’t your tyrant stop them, isn’t he capable of that?

-Of course he is capable but he only postpones it.

-But why?

- It is a plan; people like you will never get it!!

-If I will never understand such plan, how are you asking me to accept it or agree on it if it causes my people and I all this suffering.

- You’re an idiot; there is no point of arguing with you.

Said the investigator and engaged in writing something for a while. It seems they got enough confessions. They finish their investigation with me; I was so stupid. They will probably send me to the execution yard. It might be within hours or even minutes.

- Before you send me to death, I would like to ask you a question.

-Death? What death are you talking about? Death would be a blessing compared to what you will see in a little while. But I will be generous with you, because you confessed easily. You admitted everything on your own. And as a reward I will answer anything you ask.

- If there is a plan that I do not understand which prevents you from punishing big criminals now, why don’t you at least punish smaller criminal as they have nobody to protect them. For example Abu Mahmoud the owner of the market next door, he committed all the cheating which could possibly be committed. Personally, I almost died last summer because of his corrupted goods.

- Abu Mahmoud is known to us. His turn will come within days. The amount of fraud being done from him exceeded all limits. But, to be honest with you, we will only punish him for a short period. He has proved to be loyal to His Majesty most sincerity. And he and his family love his Majesty very much.

Here I could not control myself; I must’ve live in a psychiatric hospital. And the biggest lunatics wrote the law.

-You must be crazy, you and your dreaded Sirtam. How can you torture innocent people for insulting someone? And forgive criminals for loving this same one, even if this one is the king of the country.

-About what Sirtam are you speaking?

-Your Sirtam who grasped me for insulting him.
For the second time both investigators start laughing.

- Sirtam! Do you think that we are security officers? It seems we have forgotten to introduce ourselves to you. We do not work for this Sirtam you’re talking about. And this is not a room for his investigation. Dear Heretic informer Communist, Sirtam’s intelligencer actually killed you when you're trying to escape. It was a gunshot wound, and then you fell from the roof of your building. You are now in your grave and we are investigating with you because you're reviled by His Majesty the Creator, you did not believe in him. I am Monkar and this is my friend Nakeer*.

These phrases came upon me like thunderbolt. I starred at these two men’s faces. How didn’t I notice their copper looking eyes and their small fangs?  They cannot be humans. They’re not kidding. What a catastrophe? Could all these books that I have read wrong? Is it possible that all these the nonsense that I heard from mosques’ speakers real? I cannot believe it. I must be dreaming. Increased my dismay after I realized that the meaning of this speech is eternal torment. Even death will not save me from these monsters.

- Damn, now we must re-investigate from the beginning.

Muttered Nakeer disturbed apparent. I was terrified. Recovered the dialogue that took place between us a little while ago, I was such a fool. I have to invent a story to save myself from punishment, or maybe I should confess my sins and beg to get a little bit of mercy. It’s a disaster. I was troubled by the principles I boasted little while ago. I realized it was pointless. The logic that I was trying to use, to deny the existence of God had troubled me. I remembered my friend Hassan whom I always called ignorant; He was much wiser than me. What is left for me now? Logic has betrayed me and I want to betray the principles.

Here I am, I want to bow to the tyrant; the Tyrant who is greater and more powerful than the one I I knew on earth. But I do not have the slightest hope of victory or even to escape from this one. I must bow. But what would I have left then?  I closed my eyes. I have got all these thoughts together. I felt time had stopped. Heavy words flowed from me I knew I would regret saying.

- No need to re-investigate, my words about the tyrant on earth is the same as my words about the tyrant in heaven.

* In Islamic mythology Monkar and Nakeer are the “angels” in charge of investigate newly passed people. And torture them even if they are “good Muslims”.

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