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Shastie King Shastie King
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Theres Got to be better

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soul mates

Life is my motivation for writing this, as always

Stones and bricks wouldn't hurt as much as this.
The death of me would be the cure, (at least thats how I feel).
The diagnosis would be a broken heart.

Everything you are is a lie.
You are full of them.
You sickened me with your careless ways.
You make my stomac turn at the thought of you saying you love me.
You love only you, (not even sure if thats true).

I loved you, you caused me pain, Im the stupid one for staying.
You sleep peacefully at my agony.
You praise my hurt with a standing ovation.
You poke at my unhealed wounds.
You cause me anguish an doom.

And yet I forgive you, when I dont want to.
I hate your smile, I love your lips,
I hate how you ignore me, I love the way you make love to me.
I hate the way you make me feel, I love the feelings I have with you.

Dammit! Get out of my mind you criminal.
I'm your easy target, your weak victim.
Let go of your grip, Release my heart.

I dont want to remember you.
I want this to be over.
I want real love, I know this cant be.

Let me fly away, let this be good bye.
Leave me free, from this misery.

Like an eagle I soar, for better, (theres got to be better).

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