Don Yarber Don Yarber
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more in common "Than" or "Then" ???

Jim Miller Jim Miller
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I first had "Than", but my spell checker said "Then". Two good "oldsters" can't be wrong, so I changed it back to "Than". Sounds good, don't you think?

Mere Poulard Mere Poulard
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Nice! Babies' cries, the wind whistling, seagulls calling. I like this image a lot.

Michael Starr Michael Starr
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Maybe instead:[b] And I know: I am part of the pattern [/b]?

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Jim Miller Jim Miller
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A Part of the Pattern

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soul mates

Have you ever felt that you are, naturally and spiritually, part of something bigger than yourself?

I notice a distant sailboat silhouetted

Against the static pattern of the sun upon the water

The pattern catches me for awhile

Random flashings of dark and light

I am like that I realize,

And sense that the lake and I have more in common

Than I usually believe. 2 comments

And I know, somehow, that this is right

Seagulls ever searching for a new crumb

Cry upon the wind like babies 1 comment

Their cries linger upon my soul

Like a distant, haunting rite

I hear the waves beating upon the shore---

Repetitious in their cadence

A sound that traces its pattern through long, long ages

It merges with my soul and grounds me.  O vast delight!

The lake keeps on touching me

As the cool, moist breeze plays with my hair.

It causes my natural curls to tighten,

And I know.  I am a part of the pattern 1 comment

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