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there are a few typo mistakes here,

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Pheobe Myers Pheobe Myers
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you gave up on me

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what you've done to me.
dear friend
you and i.

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soul mates

You gave up on me. I was a dying bird lying on the ground. I thought that you were hope that I finally found. But you werent. You decided saving me was to much work.so I lay here filled with hurt. You could have saved me if you tried.but any love or self woth has bloody died. So you walk on with your life to never think of me the least. But darling I was the beast. I was not pushed or blown away. I jumped out of the neat because darling im not okay.

You gave up on me. I was drowning in a ocean of misery. You had the life savor but instead of giving it to me you stood there and watched the show. And i screamed as i began to sink evermore low. but you dont care. Silly me thinking life was fair. I jumped Into the water because i saw you swimming. But as soon as i came close to you you smiled and dropped a anchor on me to be pinning. I dont know if you do it all on purpose. But feel oh so hopeless. My lungs will burn. And your heart will never turn. I will scream In plea. But all you do is judge me. So im sorry for my prescence being a inconvienience to you. Trust me its a inconvienience to me to.

You gave up on me. I thought that you might be my hope but darling you made the rope. im standing here waiting in fear. My last words you cant be bothered to hear. Tears will run down my face. While yours is plain. Oh darling ive gone insane. You could hav saved me. You were my key. But im just a pebble in your shoe.  When a rock in my path was you. I was a dandelion and she was a rose. You blew me away  and you chose her and put me at a ultimate low. Kill me softly please my dear. These words i jnow you will never hear. 1 comment

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