Sheena Koops Sheena Koops
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Here I might uae different metaphors than brass and gold. I'm wondering if you could bring me back to those slips of paper or the jar. Still brass and gold does communicate strongly.

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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My Heart in a Jar

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soul mates

Don`t mind me. I was just trying to corral some of my personal musings, and apparently, they seem to have jumped the fence.

For many years
I kept my heart
on a high shelf
out of reach
in a glass Mason jar

I kept it safe
and unread
like those scraps
of spur of the moment
poems I thought
were never any good

And, in doing so
I robbed myself
of friends
I`ll never meet
of faces
I`ll never see

And now
that I am old
I realize
that for the brass
of my stubborn ways
I missed out on the gold 1 comment

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