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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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The Landscape of My Dreams

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This is for my dear little Pit Bull terrier, Mischief, who scampered on to the Rainbow Bridge  on May 30, 2014.  We had to make the heartbreaking decision to have her put down very unexpectedly upon discovering a large mass in her stomach and surgery was not an option as it would have given her only 6 more months. Mischief was a special dog and our household feels unbalanced without her.

In the landscape of my dreams
before another day begins
I see you in between the falling stars
It’s hard to be asleep
when you are near enough to touch
and I can feel your heart beating next to mine

Let’s linger for a while in yesterday
I’ll tell you things you already know
I treasure every moment
you were by my side
but the bells are tolling now
and you must go

The songs of the garden, soft and sweet,
lure me to the gate to walk with memories
Old friends gone by frolic at my feet
and the hands of Time are holding mine

In the landscape of my dreams
I’ll run with you across the sky
until the night becomes the dawn
That is when we go our separate ways
you to chase the rainbows
And I will face the day alone.

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