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Benjamin Crosby Benjamin Crosby
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Valentines in Oblivion

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I once was a child of the arrow and the song.
First a pupil of the birds and bees
I learned the look and took my aim.
Then became a servant on his knees
Eager to please the master of the flame.
But the golden word like a sacred bird
Did not nest too long
Before it was interrupted as the body corrupted
The heart and steered it wrong.

Long ago there was a dream that sunned the sky.
A truth awoke the church in the tongue
As young notes assembled to rejoice
A savior to liberate the anthems unsung
On the ladder of song in united voice.
And stone by stone ambition built a throne
To praise its crown and testify.
From such a lonely height pride starred the night
Betraying the compass in my eye.

I remember the hymn of a long forgotten dawn
We cherubim in our innocence composed.
A secret engraved into the holy flower
Before its impenetrable petals had closed;
Whose imperial music lasts only an hour
But forever leaves a mark like a torchlight in the dark
As lost disciples continue to march on;
An absent-souled host lingering like a ghost
Whose presence is both there and gone.

We have laid our cup of pain upon the altar
Resigned to be a vendor for our joys.
Cramming splendor into valentines
We value like children trading toys
In a playground maze of blurry lines.
As the maiden dove soars, the heart all but ignores
The reach the heavens exalt her.
Alone in our prison gaze we try to escape the days
Knowing without her we will falter.

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