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John Rice John Rice
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soul mates

Close your eyes.
Close your eyes and listen.
Listen to your heartbeat.
Listen to every breath you take.

Listen to the thoughts deep,
so deep within your mind.
Follow them as they twist,
turn, bend and wind
down hidden pathways,
to the garden of your soul.
Pause, rest, reflect,
but not for long,
this is not your final goal.

Listen, listen, listen
to the south wind
whisper secrets to the willow trees.
Let your worries be washed away
by the softness of this summer breeze.

Journey outward, outward, outward,
towards the twinkling stars.
Out beyond our earthly realm,
far past the gates of mars.

Outward, outward, outward,
out to the deepest darkest space.
Out to a time and place
when the universe was born.

Listen, listen, listen.
Listen to life’s first gasp for breath
on creation’s morn.

Close your eyes.
Close your eyes and listen.
Listen to your heart beat.

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