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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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If we can ever start again

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soul mates

I can dream, can't I ???

In my endless dreams of yesteryear  I see
The things  I think you want me to be.
The passion that turns your eyes from blue to green
The breathless white lines around your lips
the  rise and fall of flesh on curving hips
and  places  that my craving oft has seen.
Panther passion scratches on my back
and tiny drops of blood from burning bites
Reaching   the pinnacle of  lust's heights..

But never reaching  heights we used to reach
Forbidden fruits an apple and a peach.
Dripping juices, causing flesh to glide
building intensity like granite walls inside.
Dreams like smoke screens of things that might have been
Mystic myriads,  mists and  memories when
We lay together exhausted, side by side.
Our longing, lusting, hurting satisfied.
Wondering if we can ever  start again.

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