Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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or alternatively "...a torrent of hail."

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Nikki Coble Nikki Coble
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Thunder Cloud

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soul mates

Lately, I've just been unable to escape from reality. This poem is just me talking about all the junk cluttering up my mind.

I've got a thunder cloud,
Hanging above my head.
Sometimes it rains, sometimes
It pours.
Occasionally, it will only sprinkle a tiny bit.
Other times, it let's out a stream of hail. 1 comment

My thunder cloud, is sometimes quiet,
Though that is usually a calm
Before the storm.

It rains, it pours,
The lightning strikes and the thunder claps.
And all I can do,
Is ride the storm and pray
That one day, someday,
I'll see the sun again.

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