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Nikki Coble Nikki Coble
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The Difference

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soul mates

This was the result of a very depressing night and some inspiration from an old favorite quote.

What's the difference between reality and fiction?
Fiction has to make sense.

Reality doesn't have to make sense.
Reality doesn't have to be fair or play by the rules.
There doesn't have to be a balance.
The good doesn't always defeat the bad.
The truth is rarely believed,
And things don't have to equal out in the end.
Just because you are right, and brave, and loyal,
And speak for the weak does not mean that people will love and follow you.
Just because you give everything you have to making your life good,
Doesn't mean you'll get what you deserve.
And just because you love someone with all your heart,
Doesn't mean that they will love you back for it.

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