Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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I think that writing "A piece of that puzzle that does not belong" seems to suggest the writer has a low self esteem and is crying out for people to offer their sympathy. Better would be something like "I'm a puzzle piece that cannot find a place to fit...(just my own opinion)/

Nikki Coble Nikki Coble
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Looking at it now, that line does kind of come off that way. In my mind, I had more of an idea to write the poem as though, well, using the poem's original metaphor, there was a stray puzzle piece in the mix that was not actually from the puzzle. Like it had been mixed in from another puzzle, but was a close match to the current puzzle.

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Nikki Coble Nikki Coble
Recommendations: 5

Puzzle Piece

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soul mates

I kinda had this realization last night while hanging out with my boyfriend's group of friends. I'm not a very social person and am very much an introvert. I rarely hang out in groups, and have never felt at home with people. I realized while I was talking and listening to all of them, that I don't quite fit in with them, and I never really have. I can get along with lots of different types people, but I'm always just a little different than they are. I' don't know. I've just never quite fit in.

I am a puzzle piece.
A puzzle piece that does not belong.
I don't quite fit,
I'm not quite "it". 2 comments

I could go here..
I might fit there...
My color scheme is a close match...
But no, alas,
I do not fit,
There are some gaps.

I am a puzzle piece.
A puzzle piece that does not belong.
I don't quite fit,
I'm not quite "it".

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