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Nicole Martinez Nicole Martinez
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Out of No Where

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soul mates

Imagine you are just sitting there relaxing
Listening to music, scrolling through your dashboard
When suddenly you feel it
That awful twisting sensation in your stomach
Your heart starts to pound in your chest
You get that dreading feeling of not again, please no
But your internal pleas do nothing to stop it
Your breathing starts to become short
It feels like you aren’t getting enough air into your lungs
Your muscles feel like they are vibrating
But the only thing that is shaking are your hands
Your mind starts racing as you push the computer away from you
You can’t focus, you need to get up, move, do something
You feel like you are going to break down at any minute
Over what you aren’t sure, but you still start to cry
You get up and start pacing in the room that you have
It doesn’t feel like enough so you speed up
Your crying becomes harder, as does your breathing
Suddenly you drop to the floor, your hands by your face
You recede into your mind, to that one memory you don’t want to live again
It replays over in your mind as if you are living it for the first time
You can’t stop it from replaying so you just sit there and watch
Finally the memory starts to end
Your breathing slows down and deepens
Your heart rate returns to normal and the tears stop coming
You open your eyes and find yourself curled into a ball on the floor
You breathe for a few moments and look around
Then you start to regain your composure
You stand up, slowly since you don’t know how weak your legs are
You sit back down and pull your computer close
Then you go back to what you were doing as if nothing happened
Or at least it looks that way on the outside
Your mind still races though from another anxiety attack

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