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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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For Charlie

      Between the balance of law and chaos, love and hate,

life and death is the symmetry of truth guarded and defended

by the paladin of infinity.

     In the ecumenical, harmonic motion of eternity is the

answer to what was, is and shall be.

     Gloriously, with fortitude, preach the teachings; obey the words.

     Genuflect, humbly, to the ten.

     Forever follow, piously, all who seek and recognize

the way; believe the righteous, condemn the false prophets.

     Through the echoes of yesterday resounds the whisper

of the future declaring the shadows shall be edified;

the light never eclipsed.

     Inside the vestibules of the holy shall the sacrifice

become elated.

     The evil, damned and twisted shall be vanquished,

cast out into perdition.

     The anointed shall ascend, in tranquility, into the

sphere of paradise that each shall receive their due.

     As it was, is, always will be endlessly through

eternity, alpha and omega, genesis and apocalypse.

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