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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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A REPOST! Enjoy!

      The first of them slammed down in the center of Tokyo, lighting up the Rappongi Business district in a blinding white light, sending a wave of destruction blasting through steel and glass, crippling foundations, flattening the landscape in fire and hurtling mass. It came without warning, undetected, appearing out of thin air, suddenly racing through the atmosphere; hot and bright, soaring through the skies with devastating force, leaving a long billowing tail in its wake.

     The earth shook, opening the city up in a massive crater, the forces of the end of the world reaching out with evil fingers, instantly gobbling up a million people – the massive shock wave spreading through wide and hot, far and wide, over the lands and water, taking many lives. And all through the city, the screaming began; the terror, crushing hearts, inhaling souls in a mushroom cloud rising high into the day.

     And like that – absolutely without provocation, the day raged through with panic and horror, sending people running for the doors, huddling under desks, stumbling, falling in the streets; debris falling like black rain, crushing vehicles, ravaging parks, towers, destroying entire neighborhoods, the landscape - a sea of fire and destruction, changed forever in a single blinding moment. And the city, those far off areas on the city’s edge – felt the shock like an earthquake rumbling through, the deafening blast ripping their eardrums.

     The skies turned suddenly to night and already the little NEWS drones - representing any number of television stations - were taking to the air, cruising quickly along through ash, smoke and floating particles, looking down at a city coming to life in dread and chaos. Entire populations lay huddled in their homes, under vehicles, running, screaming, scrambling in every direction, fleeing for their lives.

     The heart of Tokyo was ripped from its casings, its far reaching limbs left for dead amidst carnage and wide-spread panic, a deeply atrocious fear hitting home like never before. And like that, with extreme efficiency despite the widespread power failure, broken water mains, rupture gas lines, downed trains and toppled freeways - full mobilization of emergency services and Military were under way; man and machine coming together yet again.

     Within minutes a savage breath loomed over the city, jumpstarting the day in reckless abandon, bringing  rise to widespread looting, fire and murder, setting the city in shades of  lawlessness and terror. Millions of people were arming themselves and a mad dash for those most precious items brought the city to its knees as hordes of people filled shopping centers, malls, street shops and side vendors – anything for food, water, goods.

     And within moments the first of the tear gas rolled in from Air Patrol, and riot robots, choppers and tanks were touching down. And despite the years of preparedness, the weekly drills, the daily routine, they could not be fully prepared for such a disaster. Nothing could have prepared them for this one moment. Nobody could stop it. All hell opened up, madness careening through.

     Without warning, rising straight up through the clouds, penetrating the heavy mushroom cloud, turning the skies to mist, ripping through the atmosphere and seeming to go right on into space – was a bright red beam. And within seconds another appeared, shooting into the west; a low angle far over the city scorching cloud to vapor, slicing the heavens like a blade meeting flesh. Vast multitudes stopped in their tracks, unable to help themselves but to stare in wonder, transformed in their lives, gripped by dread, panic and confusion in their souls.

     The red beams began turning to a series of bright yellows, violets, reds, greens and blues, flashing maddeningly across the heavens like a giant laser light show ready to cut the world in half. And then, as if having tripped a power line, the beams suddenly stopped. And for the moment there was only a deep silence, a crisp stillness taking the city. A series of sonic booms ripped through the air, like cannons of the gods, tearing into the darkness.

     And from deep within the crater, from deep down in the smoke and ash at the center of the city, many miles in, a shimmering silver object rose high into the sky like a bright star. And from so far back in the distance, most could not tell it was. Multitudes were checking their watches, hologram devices and eye-cams, following a single NEWS drone racing forth; a happy and excited little robot, flying its heart out, dodging, weaving, pitching left and right, up and down, narrowly escaping falling ash.

     Created for the sole purpose of delivering a solid story with best sound and quality live footage, the NEWS drone was sincerely motivated – animated; in a fight for the best viral video. And soon the skies zipped across with NEWS drones and Military vehicles; armored menaces, looking extremely dangerous, closing in like a swarm of steel killing machines, ready to let loose a barrage of devastating firepower should the moment require it.  

     And slowing on the air, a safe distance away, under an umbrella of soot, the little NEWS drone zoomed in as far as it could, bringing up what looked like an armored gladiator of Ancient history, donned in full armor; legs, torso and head. Like a glowing metal Spartan the object hoisted a great glowing blade upon its back, while huge rail guns sat atop its shoulders. And staring out at the world from beneath a Spartan helmet were two electric blue eyes. Like pure silver it shone bright, even in the darkness that engulfed it.

     Intense moments hit the air when more armed personnel began flooding the streets and the skies, flying by at incredible speeds. And still the little News drone managed, save for some shaky footage. It was clear that this thing – whatever it was, was not human, and yet…by all appearances, it was most definitely modeled after man. With a wild and sudden charge, like a legion of doom, air tanks, cruisers, destroyers and military drones of all capabilities and range entered the field.

     There was no escape, nowhere it could run - nowhere it could hide. And way up on the skies, high above the clouds…fighter pilots pushed their machines to the max, coming in with brute force, locking the object clear and free, just waiting for the orders to unleash hell. And like a champion of old, the Spartan stood there on the skies, guns at its sides, its arms and hands suddenly taking a strange shift. It happened in a single moment where the hands themselves – perfect mandibles of articulation, became massive gun barrels. In a jar of silence and apprehension it seemed to be aiming and sizing up the surrounding force.

     The little NEWS drone picked up a voice commanding orders over a loud speaker, an immediate agenda driving forward, “I am Colonel Sang. I order you to surrender at once or you will be fired upon!” The Spartan did not move, no – merely looked at the surrounding force with a strange pall, as though it did not know fear, or pain, as though death itself meant nothing whatsoever. “I ask again, solider! Stand down or you will be fired upon! Final warning! You have thirty seconds to comply or you will be brought down!”

     At once – set against the encroaching force, the scope and size of the Spartan was astounding. Fifty-feet in height, it held itself with utter confidence, seemingly hardened by war, terror and attrition. “All stations Red Light Go, on my mark! I repeat: all stations Red Light Go on my mark.” A moment of silence swept through. “On three…two…one…fire. Bring it down! ”

     Like fireworks shooting high and across a barrage of firepower let loose, blasting through the skies, exploding on impact, while rail guns opened up to the fullest, hitting their mark - a  spectacular series of blasts and explosions ripping through the day. And when the smoke cleared they could not believe their eyes. The Spartan stood before them absolutely intact - its armor charred and scuffed, suffering little damage.

     And in a single terrifying moment it tilted its head to the side as if to say, ‘Oh, I’m afraid you’re going to have to do a lot better than that.’ And without warning it brought its heavy lasers up, sweeping through the hordes that drove against it. In a single moment it sliced through the entire first wave, cutting them down, sending huge metal pieces to the earth. And as if to cock both mighty guns, it brought them around and began unleashing a wild torrent of destruction, decimating the opposition, reducing them to falling bits of fire and metal

     And while the Army began to disperse into their own little arenas in the skies, unleashing terrific volleys – emptying entire chambers to no avail - the Spartan, like a cat, an agile ninja, somersaulted, rolled, flipped and twisted in an artful display of combat training. And suddenly no one was safe. All were on the menu, and like a super predator – detrimental to the world itself, the Spartan shot far across, racing forth with heavy legs and fists, its hands becoming guns at any given moment, shredding steel, cutting down its enemies with its giant blade that sliced easily through heavy swarms.

     And like that, the abilities of the Giant Spartan were witnessed firsthand. Like that, three more entered the atmosphere, over Washington D.C. Mexico City and London, killing and destroying  at will, seemingly driven by destruction and terror. Unstoppable and absolutely indestructible they rode onto the world stage with bright reds and flames and hell following close behind. And like that, the world was their playground; soulless creatures bent on destruction, carnage and death. And in their wake they leveled entire cities, and would not stop until the entire world burned to the ground. Until every man woman and child was dead.

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