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Rhiannon Langley Rhiannon Langley
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The Girl

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soul mates

this poem was inspired by a life experience of mine when i was in 7th grade. now that i am a sophomore i look back on this and realize dim glad that i had this experience. it showed me who i really am.

There was a girl who had a dream.
A dream to fit in with all the other people in the world.
She wanted to feel like she was important.
Even tho she was unique, intelligent, and important.
She didn't know or believe it.
She always studied how others acted and would try to be just like them.
She thought she had nobody.
She thought she was alone because she always failed at being like everyone.
But one day a new guy came and changed her whole world she had been trapped in completely
He told her to just be herself no matter what anyone else said.
He said don't let anyone bring you down or tell you your not worth it.
Don't worry what they think because your special.
She listened to him and realized that she had almost lost who she really was.
But like everything in this hectic world.
What is lost can be found if you truley want to find it.

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