Clay Hurtubise Clay Hurtubise
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Did you both have sex changes? I AM male, she IS female.

Clay Hurtubise Clay Hurtubise
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I said as I sat down...

Clay Hurtubise Clay Hurtubise
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Check your use of quotation marks.

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Jim Miller Jim Miller
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She had a friend.

Our ages were different.  Our nationalities were different.  She was thirty-something;

I was fifty-something.  She was from India; I was from America.  I was male; she was

female.  You know what they say about opposites. 1 comment

The first time I saw her she was coloring in a coloring book.  I thought that this

seemed rather childish.  “For you,” she stated handing me her fresh art work.  “Why

don’t you join me?”

“I’m not much for coloring, but I’ll draw you a picture.”  I sat down at the table

with her and quickly drew a sky full of crows with a large skull in the foreground.

It was staring outward---head-on.  She took the finished drawing from my hand as I

offered it to her. 1 comment

“How spiritual,” she observed.

“Funny.  I didn’t mean it to be spiritual,” I thought.

“Why do you open yourself to me?” I asked.  She took up a pencil and started drawing

on a blank sheet of paper.  I could soon see that she was an accomplished artist.

“The gossip is that you were noisy and violent last night.”

“All the more reason to stay away from me,” I replied.

“I like to make up my own mind about who will be my friend.  I think I am a good judge

of character.”

I swelled.  The compliment had its desired effect.

She handed me her drawing.  “What do you think?”  A single eye filled the whole sheet

of paper.  It had a tear spilling from it, and a small human figure was positioned in

the pupil.  It was in the process of being consumed by a raging fire.

“How spiritual,” I heard myself echoing the refrain.  "I see the pain.” 1 comment

“Most people would not see that,” she murmured.

We shared much that night, in that place for divergent souls.

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