Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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perhaps too much emphasis on there being nothing there - black darkness is a tautology (using two descriptions to describe the same thing such as free gift, I myself would..., evening sunset etc). Darkness, emptiness, absolute nothingness (all mean the same thing)

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Grace Kimathi Grace Kimathi
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Just A Dream

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soul mates

I close my eyes, and in the darkness,
There's only one person I see.
In that beautiful darkness that was,
I see your face.

Your smiling face,
Slowly, but surely, shinning that darkness,
The darkness that I've known as my friend.
And as your smile illuminates the place,
So does your body appear.

You're wearing that light blue vest of yours,
The one that I oh so love.
And as I see you in your dark blue shorts,
I smile back, realising where you are from.

You're from playing basketball; your favourite sport.

Drawing nearer, you stretch your arms wide,
And it is then that I am cognizant of where we are;-
The car park.

Subconsciously, I slide off the blue railing,
Passing by our schoolmates.
Almost running now,
I collapse into your arms,
Embracing your strong hold.

Smiling even more,
I inhale your scent,
You're wearing my favourite deodorant,
And I just can't help but cling to you even more.

You hug me tighter,
And my heart skips a beat;
I can't remember the last time I felt like this...
It's been too long!

And after what seemed like a second; and yet forever;
Your strong hold slowly weakens,
As you reluctantly begin to pull away from our embrace...

From the back of my waist, to the top of my back;
Lightly caressing my shoulders, then running your fingers on my arms,
'Till you reach my fingers, that are tightly clasped around your neck.

Knowing what's about to come next,
I pull my head back, and your eyes meet mine.
Staring so far deep into them,
I almost forget where I am.

For just one moment,
I see that sparkle in your eyes,
I know you see it in mine too,
I know you know exactly what's running through my mind,
And yet at the same time, we both know that as much as we both want it,
It's the one line we both are not willing to cross...

I'm still trapped in your eyes,
But you;
You always knew how to break free,
And with a light smirk,
You gently unclasp my fingers from your neck;- the last hold I had on you.

Surprisingly this time, you don't let go,
And your hands and mine,
Swiftly fall to the pull of gravity,
Resting in a gentle sway.

Looking down, I see your fingers and mine,
Perfectly twined.
Perfectly in full unity.
And as you hold both my hands together with yours,
You raise them up.

Surprised by this new motion,
I snap my head up,
To see yours bowing down;
Your lips, inches away from my fingers.

The feeling came first, before my brain could comprehend what my eyes saw.
The warmth of your breath- mixed with the soft touch of your lips-
Both kiss the skin just above my knuckles.

A quick jolt of electricity ran from both hands,
to my arms, and shot straight to my heart,
And as my heart gave a tight squeeze
From the sudden jolt of electricity,
It, in turn, spread that excitement all
Through my body.

And it was then that my head felt light,
My stomach held a pool of butterflies,
And my knees felt weak to the bone...

Your lips lingered for a short while,
Then with the utmost care,
Gently pulled away...

Regaining coherency,
I looked back at your eyes,
And I saw that sparkle once again.
This time, it had grown in me,
And that line that was once so bold; so hard to cross,
Began to fade away,
And was now nothing but non existent...

Relying on instinct alone,
I kept my eyes on yours and I slowly raised my face to yours.
Cautiously, watching for any change in your eyes, I brought my lips to yours.
Inches away, I could feel your warm breath,
And once again,
That jolt of electricity sprung.
This time, only stronger than before,
And as it ran down my body,
My heart began to race.

I was excited.

I smiled one great big smile,
Before I dove straight to the source of your sweet breath.

But just before I could touch them,
you whispered 2 words; 7 letters;
"I'm Sorry"...
And then you disappeared.

Everything changed.

Where my friends, my school, and the parking lot once stood,
Black darkness replaced it.
Where you once stood,
Was now a platform of dark emptiness,
And where your lips were meant to be pressed against mine,
Blew a cold harsh wind, of absolute nothingness. 1 comment

My heart sank at it knew,
That any moment now,
I'd comprehend what had just happened.
Disappointment filled me,
As I realised that it had happened once again.
And in that dark space of empty loneliness,
A stream of tears flooded into the outside world of the present.

It had happened.
It had happened once again.

I had closed my eyes and allowed myself to remember you.
I had closed my eyes and let my heart hope for what I knew was not true.
I had closed my eyes, together with my mind, and let my heart speak once more.

I had let myself dream.

And as the second stream of tears reeled in,
I mentally tried to calm my heart down,
Calm it down from the hurt and disappointment it felt,
From the heavy slow beats it beat from betrayal.

But just as always I unavailingly failed.

Most times I'd build up the courage to stay strong;
Open my eyes and wipe my tears,
Bearing the immense palpitations my heart let out as a desperate cry.
But today was different.

Today I'd exhausted all the energy I had,
And for the first time in forever,
I gave in.
I gave in to the pain.
I gave in to the hurt,
I gave in to the disappointment.

"It's just a dream. It's just a dream" rang my head repeatedly,
And at every end of the phrase my tears grew heavier and heavier,
And what was once sobbing, became crying, and then hysterical crying.
And within a moment, I was submerged in what I knew as
Grieving for the one I lost...

Yes, it was just a dream,
A dream that I ever so longed for,
A dream that I would do anything to make reality;
A dream that- not so long ago- was once reality,
But nonetheless, that doesn't stop it from being,
Just A Dream.

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