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Paul Day Paul Day
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I Am a Song

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soul mates

A song (poem) about the emotional turmoil of a soul who yearns for love.

I am a song,

looking for a voice

to sing.

I am a gift,

hoping that someone

will bring.

I am a soul,

searching for a mate

to love.

I am a wish,

reaching for the stars


I am a thought,

in search of meaning,

for a question never asked.

I am a prayer,

no one has uttered,

once in the distant past.

I am a memory,

Searching for a point

in time.

I am heart,

looking for a love


I am faith,

Investigating proof

of life.

I am darkness,

looking for a ray

of light.

I am a quest,

in search of answers,

for a truth I cannot see.

I am a prayer,

I never thought to pray,

At night on bended knee.

I am a harbor,

waiting for a ship

To sail.

I am success,

Looking for a way

To fail.

I am hunger,

Where there is no way

To fill.

I am mortal,

At war against my strength

Of will.

I am a thought,

in search of meaning,

for a question never asked.

I am a prayer,

I never uttered,

once in the distant past.

I am passion,

Absent any worthy


I am an ear,

Which never hears its

due applause.

I am a shoulder,

Upon which only sadness


I am island

Where the castaway is


I am a soul,

in need of healing,

by any power above.

I have a heart,

Tortured and bleeding,

By the absence of your love.

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