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Early` Gardner Early` Gardner
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Just Another Day

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She had a friend.

healing of old wounds and grief

Twenty years ago just before my mother died, I ask her via a phone call,
How was your Christmas?   My deeply religious mother replied, "Just another Day, I wish you were closer."   I am now at that same age, and can understand as well as say, "just another day, and I wish you were here."

But, as she might say, God had other plans.   First my brother in April, dead  of
Colon Cancer with metastases to his brain,  then in September, Dad went to bed to die.
It was in a Sunday School class, thirty years before, a student remembered him
saying, "Verna and I are going together." and they did six days later, and the next day
we buried them both.   I followed the two caskets, hand on my father's, and remember little else.  

Afterwards, my older brother and his kids and grandkids came to the house to take some treasured jewelry and Indian Pottery.   I kept some for myself and my daughters who had already left.   And it seemed just moments later they all left, leaving me in the old house built by my father, who had sawed and planed ever log that went into it.

The next few day I gathered the clothes of my parents and brother, put them in 12 garbage sack, placing them by the door.   And there they sat. I looked at them
everyday, but lacked the energy to take them to Goodwill.

Eventually they were moved out and I started making "their" home my own.

Several Christmas' have past and I still remember Mother saying "Just another day,  
I wish you were closer."

And I wonder is it further from New Mexico to heaven than it was from California
to Missouri?

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