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Great section, from this line right to the end. Wonderful.

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For Charlie

I fly across infinity to the point of no return,

in search of the beat of a loving heart,

through the cosmos forever to meet but a

fleeting glance and the imagined dream of hope.

My soul yearns to be fulfilled.

A darkness that has to be shattered with the

intense flame of emotion until my spirit

is renewed and forgiven.

Alas, my longed for, perceived traverse 1 comment

is always beyond the ever-changing, murky horizon.

The faith of love may never be obtained.

Denial is all that loneliness will allow.

I curse the shades that entangle, engulf me

refusing my happiness and desired illusion of a

blissful touch of my hand; lingering kiss upon my lips,

one that makes my entire being soar until I reach the apex

of cherished contentment.

To my ultimate sorrow, I weep through the eternal realm

of despair, painful solitude and supreme unrelenting condemnation.

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