Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
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"I looked at all the things I seemed to have had."

Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
Recommendations: 13

I never had nor noticed such an object*

Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
Recommendations: 13

You repeated a line here.

Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
Recommendations: 13

as I departed them* Although, really, this section could be attached to another as it is only two sections and entirely reworked.

Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
Recommendations: 13

"my grasp had slipped" Your grasp didn't slip, the glass slipped. "I heard each and every shard fumble to the ground, shattered." Saying shard here implies that the glass was already shattered before it hit the ground, but that's not what you are saying.

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Ze Opifex Ze Opifex
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I Had

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I'm Lazy

I looked at all the things that it seemed that I had: a thick heavy book that I always had, all about physics and some math; a shiny black pen that I always had, full of ink to be turned into pretty words; a long brown pencil that I always had, prancing images onto many of my papers; a sturdy wooden hammer that I always had, leaving no nail untouched; and a shoe that I always had, never worn by my quick steps. 1 comment

I couldn’t help, however, wondering from where I got or deserved these things. They seemed given, since I could remember. I never lived without them. I couldn’t help, however, wondering if I’d wanted them. I could easily do without. I wouldn’t mind not having them. I wouldn’t throw them away, though, at least, not for nothing. 1 comment

Within my indifference I was shocked to find something that had not been given: a small pink shard of glass I had only seen by chance. I had never had nor noticed such an object, but more than that, I had never noticed such a desire for an object. I coveted that beautiful shard. I noticed, to my dismay, the cost the object had held. 1 comment

No way could I afford such a cost, I thought. The desire, however, still built within me. Thoughts, dreams, even nightmares, about that little piece of glass filled my head. I had so many valuable things, I thought, why would I want that little pink shard over them. Then I thought, I had so many valuable things. 1 comment

No time to waste, I said, as a handed over all I could bear. All the unwanted givens I had seemed to be blessed with disappeared as a departed them, collecting all that I needed to fulfill my desire. Walking away with my new pink possession, I felt complete. Now, this object is a given for me. 1 comment

I paid no attention to the price I paid. It was worth it. I didn’t want them anyway. But they sold well, to buy me a new desirable thing to be given. The book, pen, pencil, hammer, and shoe were worthless to me. I have a new treasure to focus on.

Then, as my shoeless foot fumbled, I tripped. While falling onto the ground, my grasp had slipped on my precious stone, letting it fall before my eyes, crashing into the thick concrete beneath me. I heard each and every shard fumble onto the ground, shattered. 1 comment

The same force that left me with the given objects that I did not want, I thought, had robbed me of my new possession. How horrified I was, as I lay in emotional shambles, when the thought had occurred to me. I now have nothing, wanted or unwanted.

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