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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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soul mates

Feelings, are a big thing, we have all been through it, including me.

Feelings, are very important
when you have feelings for someone
most people keep it to themselves
keep it bottled in
because we don't want them to know
how we feel inside
but the problem is,
feelings can get in the way of what we do
it can effect you in many ways
especially, when you are trying to concentrate on
doing your job at work and your mind is elsewhere.

Sometimes, feelings can hurt
because it might one sided
you have feelings for someone
but they don't feel the same about you,
in the way you want them to
so we try to take our minds off things
some people take drugs or alcohol
but the problem is,
doesn't matter how much drugs or alcohol
we put in our system
the problem is still there
when you wake up in the morning.

So let your feelings out, don't let them break you
or control your life.

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