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Nicholas Morin Nicholas Morin
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I Was On My Way

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soul mates

Engulfed by trees of a forest now old,
I walk a road by most forgotten, but hunted on the same.
It is comforting to know that upon my person
I have that which is like a key,
and may be used in dire fright to release from cages in,
a soul to set free.

A dreaded notion it is to think,
that by my hand a heart be bled and silenced for my own.
No more of this do I dare conceive the thought,
and try instead to silence my storming mind.
A quickened pace with steps too plenty must I make my way,
so that at last I reach my home where worry is left at doors.

Light no longer reaches here and steals from me the way.
The hours struck are far now gone from when the sun did watch,
and looming is the moon above that mocks my way with stolen guidance.
This step and then the next are met with murky vision.
What sounds I hear are fast becoming close, and I have not the mind to move.
Upon me now are the gripping truths of which I hoped not real.

A cruel thing did make its move from beneath dark covers.
Forceful fits of merciless attack are made upon me being there.
Fright has latched its hold and held me down as pain begins its way.
Little can be done to abort this demon's will.
In God's honest name I resorted only last to the steel hope I held in hand.
Devilish deeds are too often carried in hearts meaning to be brave.
As lock is met with key, I learn my worries were well founded.
From the shadows did come the beast of kind I fear the most.
This monster is a man, and he did come at me with all intents so cruel.
There is strength in fear that is found by some to keep their lives ongoing,
but this strength I found is weaker still than the guilt I do now know.
A traded life in a deal so forced was never to be my aim.

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