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Alcuin Edwards Alcuin Edwards
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soul mates

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

How will you kiss me?  She asked.  This is the answer I gave.

Oh yes I will kiss you
I will rename you 'Skylark' and kiss every feather from talon to beak.
I will kiss your pretty green eyes, the bridge of your nose, the tip
Your cheeks by millimetres along your cheekbones and back again
Temple to temple then your ears, the lobes the top, the inside, my tongue lapping.
Your jawbone over millennia from ear to tip and back to ear
And then your mouth, enjoying your lips, my tongue entering, counting your teeth and kissing you inside as well
And then your throat from beneath your chin down to the well between your shoulderblades
And then back up again, the sides, the nape, the back of your head, the top, where kundalini energy emerges
Then down your spine, along and leaving your head at last as I make my way to the base of your spine
From lowest chakra, I shall kiss your thighs, your arse, your knees, your ankles, your toes
Then back to hands, to fingers, to wrists and up your hand and arm to elbows ad shoulders and underarm
Then breasts and the valley between
And pausing to suck like a human child upon your teat
Then down the underside and along soft flesh to omphalos
And down to belly, to hips, to cunt
I shall rename you "lover"
And kiss from lips to lips and deep inside then back again.

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