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Pheobe Myers Pheobe Myers
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tears and true fears

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what you've done to me.
dear friend
you and i.

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soul mates

i have been extremely ill lately. in and out of the hospital dealing with some kind of intestinal disease that is progressingly getting worse. very very painful. send happy thoughts plz.

I'm washed out and believe me
I used to know what it was like
To have found beauty, just to watch it die
I found a meaning to life
By not looking deeper inside
Faced down, I'm not trying to spoil it
I'm holding the toilet bowl tight
My insides are tumbling, my gutter gushes out from where it hides
All the sickness I'm under, I love this life

Cold circuit, a fall safe
Like a poison to the mind
Tick tock on the time bomb, time slips and slides by

I always lose what I hide
Cold storm's coming
I smell it in the last of the sunshine
Don't feel any expectation
Why should I feel alive
Blown in on a whim, blown out in a blink of an eye
Trickle down my tear ducts
Blood buring red from inside
I've got but a moment, the moment's gone like my life

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