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Death does always give way to new life. e.g. Bush fires, regrowth. Death and birth. Dead skin, new skin(grafts) etc.

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Elegiac Whisperings of Life and Death

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I wrote this, in the dark, so to speak. The fact is...I don't really know what it's like to die, or what lies on the other side. Unfortunately, my fellow scribe, when I make my final exit, I won't be able to come back to tell the tale.

Don't tell me that you're the first one to have your heart torn out by the roots. Don't you sit there and tell me that you wrote the book on tragic outcome.I'll daresay that even as I pen these words, someone, somewhere has just plummeted off of the precipice of Sanity.What? You dare to call me cruel? Truth cuts like the obsidian blade.The truth is, my dear...people die all the live, long day.The open grave is but a doorway to another world.We never really die, only this shell that we call the body.The truth is, it was never really built to outlast the many, diverse malignancies that it struggles against, day by day.

   The spirit lives on...somewhere.At least, that's what I've come to believe.Life is not the end of life.It can't be. It mustn't be.After all we've been through, this can't be all there is to this life. But for now, we must carry on.The journey is long, and God only knows where we are headed.That's just the way it is, you know.We are like babies with no idea where our next breath is coming from.We are nurtured by unseen forces, so mysterious,so deeply misunderstood.What is this curious mix of DNA and RNA which holds us together?We can only misconstrue the greater good as something evil come our way.Death must always give way to new life. 1 comment

   Too often we look at Death's gaping mouth like something that can only consume our every purpose in life.We look across the dinner table at people that we wish would go away. And, sooner or later, they will. Go away, that is.One of our dear friends just today ran out of the grains of sand in her hour-glass.One day she said to us,"I'll never leave my children." Well, the horrible truth is,we all have to leave.Someday.

We cling to this life as the trembling leaf.The hospice is the final terminal, all those therein wait..and linger to go.Go where? Ah, yes, that is surely the question unanswered without final disclosure. At least, not on this mortal plane of existence. The truth is, we all die, just a little with each passing day. Every sunset, as beautiful, as they may be, draws us closer to that dreaded day.

But let's not shy away from talking about it.It's part of Life, after all.We all have to face it. Let's not get too morbid about that Great Sleep. At long last, we will rest.Some would say, that it's just a part of the human condition. Let's not be like the cowardly, who cringe at the thought of something which will eventually spirit them away, as well. It's going to come, anyway. But, instead, let's enjoy Life, for now. Let's squeeze every little bit of joy out of our lives, inasmuch, as is humanly possible.Isn't that the reason why we were born? Presumably , we were meant to reach out to our fellow human beings and to console them in their misery, if that's the case.

I often wonder how long I might live.At the same time I realize how futile it is to consider things beyond the range of human understanding.But moreover, how shall I live?Isn't it better to live well than to linger with something eating away at you? Hate is the cancer of this world. It is only love that makes life worth living.

A friend of ours, whom we've known for years has suddenly made it known that he has an inoperable brain tumor. To look at him one would think," No, that can't possibly be!"He is a successful musician.But now, he has heard a different song.How outrageous are the tides of misfortune. How easily we are swept away by Time and Chance!

In our youth, we thought that life would never end. But all too soon, we are faced with our own mortality.It's like looking in the mirror and day by day not realizing the subtle wrinkling of age. Yes, we are dying, and have been dying, for a very long time.The depletion of our youth is such a mysterious coalescence.Our roots, if we were to know what it's like to be a tree, is a tragic knowing that we would burrow deeper and deeper into the earth to avoid that terrible moment.If only we could, I'm sure we would!But, alas, it can never be. We all must die. For all too soon...we all must die!

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