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Myles Kridler Myles Kridler
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An Unanticipated Visit

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soul mates

I spoke to a ghost last night,
Its voice soothing and calm,
It spoke of pain and loss,
Similar to my own,
She and I shared stories,
Experiences had since our loss,
We had much in common,
This ghost and I,
She told me of the pain,
Felt alone on those,
Cold nights,
I shared in this pain,
And told her of my time there,
We laughed together,
We cried together,
We found ourselves,
But the wounds opened,
And bitterness spilled forth,
Hatred and anger,
All at once,
The ghost cried out,
In regret and sadness,
I didn’t let up,
I let loose everything,
She cried,
I cried,
We reflect on what we,
What we one day might,
But alas,
She had to leave again,
And she would,
And when she did,
I decided I’d never,
Look back.

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