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Donovan Alexis Donovan Alexis
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soul mates

Lightning strikes, thunder rumbles,
And I wonder if He is angry...
What enrages Thee my lord?
Why dost Thou weep?
Is it the constant injustice
That plagues this world of Thine ever
Since its inception?
Is it because of Us?
Or was the fault mine alone,
Subject to Thy rage and horrifying wrath?
Ha! Yet I regret nothing!
I, along with my brothers and sisters made our choices.
Thou granted Us this ability;
The light that Thee so desperately craved to spread,
Shines no brighter than the void from
Which Thy universe hath been made.
In this day and age,
We've strayed from the path Ye intended,
Corrupted by greed and sin,
I speak not on behalf of my fellow brethren,
However I found happiness in this life Thou
Kindly hath granted me,
And for that I am not sorry...

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