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Pheobe Myers Pheobe Myers
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young love

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soul mates

I look at you and all i see is everything.
   I see the ocean waves cascading upon the shore in your windswept hair.
I see the tall evergreen forests that I love so much in your raw untamed eyes.
   I see the crimson rolls of clouds at suset in your soft daring lips.
I see children laughing during the long dog days of summer in your whimsical smile.
   I see home in your heart.
We maybe young bloods recklessly falling in a downward spiral to an unavoidable romance,
   But that I would not mind falling into.
As a child I fell into bushes, and trees, and fences, and walls, and pavement. But never did I expect to fall into you.
   I fell into the way you talk in hushed tones and sweet rythum.
I fell into the way you smile and laugh with the children you play with.
   I fell into the way you look at me as if my eyes were storms and you had the desire to drown.
I fell into the way your face lights up when I do something ridiculous and you can't stop grinning.
   I fell into the way you smell and how it remimds me of saltwater taffy, the ocean , amd homemade bread.
I fell into your strong arms and how they hold me when I feel distressed.
   I fell into your desire to love me just the way I am.
Who knew home was two humans with galaxies swirlimg within them. 5 comments

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