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Angelica Ramirez Angelica Ramirez
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The Thief

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soul mates

Throw the hand cuffs on my wrists!
I won't stop what I've done!
Lock me up without a key,
Throw me in a jail,
Hold me behind bars!
But know that will not stop me!
I will break free,
I will.
For I am a thief!
I've stolen from many,
Hurt much more,
but NO I won't stop!
I'm a thief.
Lock me up.
Or try to.
Bar me in.
I promise you though,
It won't hold,
For I am a Thief.
I am THE thief.
The thief that stole their hearts,
I stole from many,
Hurt much more,
I stole from YOU.
I know you knew.
So try and try..
Lock me up and burn the key.
It won't hold...
For I am the Thief.
The Thief who stole your heart.

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