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Angelica Ramirez Angelica Ramirez
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If I Could

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soul mates

If I could have your body,
what would I do?

First I would nurse every single scar you never let heal in your soul.
I would hold you as tightly as I could
but gently enough as not to break you.
I would hold your hands,
uniquely decorated,
I would lace our fingers together.
Get those warm shivers down my spine.
I wouldn’t let you go for one second.
I would be so possessive
so needy
so clingy.
For just that moment.
You would be all mine,
I would be all yours.
The greatest moment
In your arms.
So perfect.
So right.
         But so wrong....
I would kiss your cheek
and sing to you that night.
Your body
and mine,
they fit

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