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Angelica Ramirez Angelica Ramirez
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Just one more?

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soul mates

Just one more taste...
Then I will allow someone to break through the floodgates and tear you away from me.

Your hands in my hair. You understand that is the only place I want them.
We can be friends again.
Is she a friend now too? But I can love you better than she'll ever know.
Just one more taste....

The gates are still locked, my sweet.
You think I didn't know? With my hands under your shirt and my toes on the tops of your sneakers.
Of course the doors are locked.. If I let them open she'd take you away entirely now.
Not yet

It has to be like this, my dearest.
This is the only way I can have you the way we want me to.
Just one more taste then, my love?



Please don't!

Unbidden. Let loose to wreak havoc on this sorrow. The results of the broken gates. It's flooded and I'm drowning. But I see now. You just wanted to swim with her.
Goodbye, my sweet.
I said I love you and dear God I meant it.

But she doesn't want that to be true any more.
And neither do you.

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