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Myles Kridler Myles Kridler
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Much Too Soon

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soul mates

You almost had me,
But now,
You must leave,
For I have bridges,
To burn,
And relationships,
To scrap,
I can't heal,
Not yet,
Maybe not ever,
It's too simple,
And I must,
Do everything I can,
To complicate my life,
I must bleed again,
Add to the growing,
Number of scars,
If you won't leave,
Then I will,
Don't ask why,
Don't hold onto me,
I'm going,
We will never speak again,
We shouldn't have spoken,
To begin with,
We are too close,
You mean too much,
You must burn,
And I must disappear,
So adieu,
We could have been,
But my heart,
Can't handle love,
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