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Angelica Ramirez Angelica Ramirez
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Wrong Direction

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soul mates

The world in the wrong direction..
We're heading to destruction
All standing in the way of life
Not earth
We like to think its not our fault
We shut our guiltless eyes
and never face the pain and lies.
Human kind
Ah, the real killers.
Each and every one
No matter if you know it,
We killers are the ones!
The very reason why
So many have to cry.
They shed the tears of hopelessness
No turning back from here....
So close your eyes to reality.
The world will continue in the
Wrong Direction.
We will shut our eyes
To the pain we caused,
The wars we created,
The misery we have inflicted,
The blood we have spilled,
And the misleading we will continue to do.

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