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Angelica Ramirez Angelica Ramirez
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The Game

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soul mates

We embraced in a sweet dream
but yet that’s all it was.
I felt your lips and your arms around me once more
It felt so real.

Love lives in simple fiction.

We swim through thoughts
Coming across fragments that feel oh so recondite.
Enough for one to drown in.

I loved once?
When together my heart skipped beats like it was trying to savor
every single one.

We’re slaves
and freedom lies in madness.
Bound by wanting more,
needing something unattainable
Stretched fingers longing to grasp this veiled illusion.

I left you and I cried because I couldn’t understand the reason why.
I shattered the illusions we made real
Your silence breaks my heart.
I am pierced by this shame...
"Love" is nothing but a cruel game.

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