Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Time will heal all wounds, if you let it.

Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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as always, Davide, this is not actually me...i used other emotions to write this... maybe i should allow the most darkest poem i ever wrote(just to see if i could and to make others think) to see the light on this site. but, then, it may make everyone who reads it think i need help that is farthest from reality.

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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23


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For Charlie

It is hard to thrive in a maelstrom's din

when your partner has retreated deep within

to the place that most agree is the intangible soul

All I see is that we are no longer whole.

Time and reality have morphed beyond my will

showing it is a "BITTER PILL".

I sought to return to whom we once were;

alas, it is not to be... I FEAR.

The years have flown...past lie ever fleeting.

My psyche and faith have taken a beating

where I can never reclaim my desired life

since there is too much pain and strife.

My longing to heal what I hoped would return to bliss

is, instead, less hit...all miss.

My prayers of faithful hope of love have fallen

on deaf, ignoring ears; proving my answer is

nothing but tears.

I must continue...Alone..."SOLDIER ON"

until the ache and sorrow is, permanently, gone.

However, time is cruel...not allowing me to forget.

My lost love is, now, nothing but heartache, pure regret.

The dreamed of life and love is forever beyond return.

I am caught in a infinite loop, a downward turn.

The tragedy will never abate as I, now, see.

All I ask of God...LET ME BE. 2 comments

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