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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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takes all my self control to keep it together each time you wouldn't call me back

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i see angels above me, i see demons below me, fighting over heaven.
i loved her more when i was sober.
i don't want a second chance.
love starts with that of a flickerin' cigarette
i swear i could feel your love before i knew your name.

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soul mates

even though i never did appear to care
you should know that even years later
i still do still perfectly remember
the ways in which you would suffer
you told me once that nothing's better
than being with me, having love to share
and now that we are all that older
i, myself am still just as bitter
but I've heard that you're much better
even though we haven't spoken in forever
it breaks me to know that it took a stranger
for you to pick the pieces up and start over
found in him reasons now to no longer
lay awake at night thinking of ways too die
and now it's in a hurry you wake up too smile
each morning you awake already close to laughter

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