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Chris Costanza Chris Costanza
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soul mates

Another punch. Another punch.
I can hear my bones,
beneath his fists,
as they crack and crunch.

I have always taken these beatings.
For a year? A decade?
Or perhaps eternity.
My memory of the first is fleeting.

I have nothing left to give.
All hope has been exhausted,
No dreams left to break,
yet he continues to take.  

I think the time has come.
My chance is here and now.
The suffering I will end.
Dear God, this is my vow.

From him I will take
what was rightfully mine.
Dignity, respect, peace of mind,
All will be returned in time.

I will wait here,
I will plot and scheme.
Because I remember
I'm not as helpless as I seem.  

I will teach him
What it means to take.
I'll send him to hell,
In eternal fire we shall bake.

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