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Brooklynn Fox Brooklynn Fox
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The little family of 6.

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Okay this is my little family me my boyfriend and my 4 cats raised in this house with us two and the story is of what my Kitty's are doing now and what I believe they are saying. Lol

Okay hello I am Brooklynn and my boyfriend is cj and we are the happy "parents" of four great cats! There is two males, There's Marley who is 1 month older than the other 3 he was saved from a truck that was locked and the other 7 couldn't hang on long enough and they were Bob tails every other cat besides Marley who had a long a very long tail for a blind kitten he looks like a cat but he has bad angry flash randomly and you can see his wild bobcat then but he is a miracle cat. He is golden with tiger strips no lie and nice fang length and has a tail longer than his body that is nothing but fluff, he has the face and ears and eyes of a bobcat and golden bright colored eyes and one black long whisker. He has the biggest paws out of all of our cats and the biggest ego.

And the other male is the second oldest but they are still not full grown. This is Chicko he is our big big fat boy who is the loveable one and not a fighter.But Chicko is white and has a orange split on his side and orange from the ear tips to his nose and then a diamond connect to his back hind and to his tail is orange to and Chicko has snake eyes naturally stay that way but he is just a lazy cat he likes to get into trouble. As now my fat boy is laying on my paint so he is doing his thing.

And then the two females kittys. Their is Coco my little brother cat I let him pick a kitty and I would take care of her. So I am but she is a female calicos cat I like to call her puzzle face because of her face and she has very light green eyes with slits to. She is the hunter that likes to stay out way past bedtime come through a little window and scare me and she also the only momma cat she had a miscarriage the first time BC I had to break up a fight with a big ally cat that appeared from somewhere but it scared her way to bad she didn't care them long enough. But now she is pregnant again I believe and is staying Inside almost every night.

And last but least is my mini cat smoke tig who looks like a smokey Siamese but with more fluff and crystal blue eyes. She is my baby and that is her she is a baby sleeps with me on me beside me wakes me up looks and me and talks to me with her little ear and meows and she is tough and just pulled through a wolf also know as a screw worm but she is all good now and she is a Siamese from some cat because she has glacume in her eyes bad like my first cat kitty who was a original Siamese with almonds eyes and markings perfect and fur that changed to her warmness in her skin like smoke tig is

But now this is the story today.

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