Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Should it be, "I have accepted myself"?

Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
Recommendations: 37

Maybe[I]they will be happy too. Remove the "I"

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Jessica Benton Jessica Benton
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PPE No Longer Required

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soul mates

Follow-up to 'Personal Protective Equipment Required.' It has been over 2 years since I wrote that. This is me now. :) I hope you enjoy the read...

In this house
I am have accepted myself 1 comment

They will never forget it
For I shout it to the world

Now they know

They know about the self-love

They know about the dreams I am making come true


They don’t always want to but they do.
I share my story with them
I explore
I ponder
I am happy
I am free to be me

Maybe I’ll write a book
Maybe I will help someone else recover
Maybe I they will be happy too 1 comment


I needed to share sooner rather than later.

Everyone knows I am happy.
Everyone knows I have made a life perfect for ME right now.
They know I am O.K.

If only they understood.

If only they understood that happiness comes from accepting and loving yourself not from the acceptance of others.

If only.

I am proud to say I am FREE… Free from the self loathing, self harm, and self doubt. I know that somewhere someone truly loves me for I surround myself with these people each and everyday. If it weren’t for my parents, bullies, friends, and teachers I would not have learned the hard lessons that helped me get to be where I am today. I prayed to God constantly. I was heard and answered. I thank Him for making me stronger and showing me there is a better way to cope. A better way to live. A better way to love. My father still thinks I am a stupid ditsy blonde. No joke. The funny thing is he’s still wrong. But that’s ok. He can think whatever he wants. I have gotten to the point to where what other people think of me doesn’t bother me the way it used to. I let the haters hate and it doesn’t make me feel bad for myself anymore. It makes me feel bad for them. It’s sad really how they are wasting precious time in their lives to make others feel down when they could be spending that time bettering themselves.

802 days ago I put a blade to my skin for the last time. I am free. I am happy. I am a new version of me that the me of 803 days ago would not have even imagined she could be. It took hard work. I cried. I screamed. I struggled. But I made it.


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