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Davon Lemieux Davon Lemieux
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Growing Up

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How did I get here? When did my days consist of me crunching numbers, making calls, searching for “properties”? They aren’t even houses and homes anymore. Because all I see are dollar signs. Positive and negative. To call it a house or a home is to suggest that I see sentimental value and I don’t. I see my next paycheck.

I was going to travel. I was going to write stories. Become worldly. Take up new hobbies and interests everyday. Now… now my best moment is going to bed. Not dealing with anyone. But I don’t remember my dreams. I'm not even sure that I do dream. I used to be spiritual; insightful even… I’m still insightful. I the sense that I can see when you are lying to me. I can tell when you are going to bust a deal or trying to scam me, or screw me over. Yeah, I’m insightful..

Where is my writing skills? All my stories, gone. Now I can whip you up a contract before my next showing. I can tantalize you into buying with an email or an ad. But my heroes, and love stories have been lost. This is the first personal thing I have written in years.. YEARS.. And I don’t even consider it personal. It’s factual.

I’ve changed, to keep my head, no, my family’s head, above the water. And with that, I let Me drown. This need to survive, weighs us down and brings us under. But if you were to let go, you still drown. It’s a sick, twisted joke. No matter what, I will always lose myself…

So! Are you ready to buy a house?

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