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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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untitled-( for now)

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this is the  opening of a book  i want to try my hand at, but only if there is interest.

The rain that had started as a thunder clapper became  a hurricane.

The lone auto still attempting to navigate this deluge soon became a victim of it.

The young couple, trapped inside this machine, decided to make a choice that changed both of their lives, beginning the adventure into the fantastic tale you are about to read.

Chapter ONE(fragment)

    Margaret, age 22,( all her family and family knew her as Maga), hair of flame, green eyed, angelic face, hellish, no nonsense temperament, was seated in the passenger side of the doomed auto. Her husband, Arthur( whom she had just married) had tried to outrun, outmaneuver the storm for the simple reason, they were on their honeymoon.

   Arthur,age 25, sparse, dirty blonde hair, gray eyed, no musculature to brag on,  was a simple accountant who thought a beauty such as Maga would never have considered him a suitor, when they first met, because he was not energetic, an achiever of any athletic endeavor such as Maga was( in every  sport or athletic challenge((from fencing, wrestling, archery, etc.)) Maga, always came out the best).

    Though  he was considered meek and unimpressive in his demeanor, it was Arthur's sheer determination to have  her notice him, that  won her attention, her heart.

   Their courtship had been short,surprisingly so.

    Arthur  proposed on the third date. Maga said yes. The wedding was swift. The honeymoon,  the pivotal point of this tale, brings us to where we began, in the hurricane that was to change both their destinies, making one a slave, the other a hero

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