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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Ballad of Britton Yarber 1862

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soul mates

Written about my great grandfather, Britton Yarber, Civl War soldier.

Ballad of Britton Yarber 1862
© Don Yarber

In 1862 on an Illinois Farm
Way down by the Ohio,
A young man named Britton picked up his gun
And said, "It's time to go."

"Colonel Logan is waiting at Elizabethtown"
He said to his pretty young bride,
"You and Will are safe here with Mary and John"
And he walked away while she cried.

He joined up with Logan in December that year
And marched down to Tennessee.
He fought at Fort Henry then Fort Donelson
Then he got real bad sick with T.B.

They floated on barges down the Mississippi
'Til they all went ashore at Shiloh.
The young man was so sick he told everyone
"Lord I wish didn't have to go."

Later they sent him back up the big river
To St. Louis and a hospital bed.
The Army discharged him and sent him on home
And within six months he was dead.

Old Mary and John buried their son
Somewhere near the place that he died
While his young wife, Amanda and his young son, Will
Stood by the graveside and cried.

Many years have passed, many tears have been shed
Young Will and Amanda are gone
The sound of their sorrow still rings through the hills
And the memories of Britton live on.

Somewhere his body lies cold in his grave
Somewhere near the place that he died
Someday I will find that place where he rests
Where Amanda and Will stood and cried.

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