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Kristal Huggett Kristal Huggett
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For You..

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soul mates

My heart beats for you..
It doesn't just keep me alive
But if you ever needed it, take it
I'm not whole without you

My lungs contract and extend for you..
Air just doesn't pass through me
The very substance that keeps me alive to see my love
But if you ever needed air I'd gladly give you what is in my lungs
I'm not me without you

My sense of touch isn't just for me to feel anything
It's for me to recognize when you touch my skin..
So gently you put your arms around me
But if you ever needed a calming touch you can have mine

But if you ever needed my love, I would just look at you and say sorry..
Because you had my love the first time you looked deeply into my eyes..
with those emerald eyes I could into forever..
My life changed forever

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