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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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This is my entry to the anthology -"INTERNATIONAL WHO'S WHO in POETRY" that was published in 2004.

On the plains of pain.
Across the deserts of despair.
Traversing the tundras of turmoil, I falter.
Seeking the valley of virtue.
The summit of salvation.
The light at darkness' end.
My soul cries out for its deliverance.
Wandering aimlessly, I find truth.
The answer is not without but within.
Rescue is not the journey but the lesson I learn from it.
The solution I wish is the fabric of my being. My essence.
The core of righteousness.
I should seek not an outer soothsayer but, instead,
embrace teachings already learned.
My journey is not of external sensations.
It is the guide I always had.
The radiance always present.
The vision of faith, hope and love.
The lesson of the journey is not what can be sought.
The truth is- what matters most never left.

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