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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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For Charlie

Two spirits, two lives, reaching through time and space;
both, seeking their own loving place.
Each undertaking the ageless quest,
finding their match amongst the rest.
The one who does what none can;
concluding heaven's pre-ordained, perfect plan.
To be not two halves, only a whole ;
becoming one beating heart, one grateful soul.
Always laughing, in concert, shedding
a tear,living the dream you hold so dear.
Hoping as you should, never to part,
as if  you had known each other from the start.
Be with each other, as in forever;
be it a small or large endeavor.
To know in your being that this is
how it should be, where there are not two, only a we.
Your lonely pasts are over, long since ended,
your lives are now, eternally blended.

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