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Kristal Huggett Kristal Huggett
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soul mates

I am a victim
That's what most would say
A beast speaks to me
As the alter would say

I get spoken to
Not by demons or the devil
I get spoken to by a voice
A voice that tells me to harm myself
To kill myself

It whispers in my ear
It hovers over my shoulder
It takes me over to a different side
It takes me to pain

The voice I hear is loud
Like thunder crashing over the ocean
Like a storm that will never pass
I look to the heavens but see no relief
Just rain

My wrists are bleeding
I'm told I'm worthless
My life has no meaning
But it will have an end

I try to over come
This voice in my head keeps yelling
I try to ignore it

I think of who I would miss
What I'm leaving behind
Who still loves me..
And then..

I am reborn

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